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    Small Dog, Big Dreams

    作者 Author 插畫者 Illustrator
    謝栩怡 Belinda Tse (11)
    Chinese International school

    字數 Word Count: 893(中) 609(Eng)

    Verbier is a peaceful little village in Switzerland. There are many high craggy mountains around the village, which are covered in a blanket of snow in the winter. That is why Verbier is a world-famous ski resort

    In the olden days, people used St Bernard dogs to rescue people who were lost or stuck in the snow. Nowadays, people have snow mobiles and St Bernard dogs are just pets!

    Apollo was born in Verbier. He loved stories and never tired of listening to the how his ancestors saved lives in the mountains. Apollo was the runt of the litter and was slightly smaller than his siblings. However, he had big dreams of becoming a rescue dog.

    His siblings laughed at Apollo.
    “Don’t be silly! Life would be much easier as a pet! Why would you want a tough job as a rescue dog?” they teased. “ They don’t need us anymore, they have snow mobiles! Anyway, you are too young to be a rescue dog!”

    However, Apollo never gave up his dream.
    “Snow mobiles are fast and powerful, but dogs have a keen sense of sight, hearing and smell.” Instead of playing, Apollo learned all the routes on the mountains, sniffed at everything and pricked up his ears at the smallest sounds.

    One morning, the whole world turned white. Winter had arrived! All the puppies were rolling excitedly in the loosely packed snow, but Apollo was watching how the older dogs were walking around. Very soon, he was able to walk without his paws sinking into soft white powder.

    One day, Apollo heard that a little girl from the village was missing! Everyone was anxiously looking for her. Apollo thought “We have to find her soon! Otherwise, her life will be in danger. Maybe this is my chance to help…”
    Apollo sprinted out of the house towards the mountains.

    When Apollo reached the edge of the forest, he looked around. Then, he spotted something red.
    “ Is that the little girl? Is she hurt?” he wondered.
    As he walked closer, he discovered that it was a small Christmas hat.
    “Maybe, this hat belongs to the little girl!’
    阿波小心翼翼地嗅了嗅之後,便叼起帽子走。走走嗅嗅,走走又嗅嗅,突然阿波好像聞到帽子主人的氣味! 牠東張西望,可是只見到一堆堆的雪。這時候,牠聽到微弱的唉嘆聲:「啊...」

    Apollo sniffled the hat tentatively, then picked it up and carried it in his mouth. He kept sniffing the air as he trotted through the snow. Suddenly, he caught a whiff of the hat’s owner. He looked around, there was nothing but snow! Then, Apollo heard a small groan. “Eerrrrrrgh…”

    Apollo started digging frantically.
    “Don’t worry, I gotcha!”
    He dug with all his might, desperate to get the child out. Then, he saw her! Apollo lay down next to her to warm her up. He licked her and nudged her with his nose until she started to stir.

    The girl opened her eyes slightly, touched Apollo and slowly climbed onto his back. Although she was quite heavy for him, Apollo trudged down towards the village. After what seemed like hours, they arrived in the village square where everybody was waiting for news of the little girl.

    “LOOK! THAT DOG! HE FOUND THE LITTLE GIRL! HE SAVED HER!” someone shouted from the crowd. Everyone spun around and started cheering and clapping. “You found her!”
    “Great job!”
    The crowd rushed over to Apollo and the little girl. By this time, Apollo was exhausted. He collapsed on the floor.

    Apollo and the little girl were taken back to their families. Apollo’s siblings could not believe what had happened.
    “Did you really save the girl? How?” they asked.
    Apollo smiled and said, “Little dogs can have big dreams too! If you persevere, you can make your dreams come true!”

    Follow your dreams,
    Believe in yourself,
    Anything is possible!!

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