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    The Adventure on the Magical Island

    作者 Author
    鄧晉文 Ambrose Tang (10)
    Chinese International school

    作者 Author
    薛志傑 Lucas Sieh (10)
    Chinese International school

    插畫者 Illustrator
    楊靖天 Jentin Yeung (10)
    Chinese International school

    字數 Word Count: 791(中) 566(Eng)

    One day, Nate came over to Sean's house to look at his best friend's new bird. On the way there, Nate picked up a book that he found on the street. He showed it to Sean and said, “Let's read this book together."

    他們一碰書,閃電的亮光照在他們的臉上。突然,兩人到了一座島上。光消失後,他們發現自己站在森林裡。「我們現在在哪裡呢?」 尚恩震驚地說: 「這裡不在我的地圖上啊?」

    As soon as they opened the book, there was a blinding light and both of them were whisked away to a weird island. When the light disappeared, they found themselves standing in a forest.
    "Where are we?" Nate wondered.
    "It is not on my map!" exclaimed Sean.
    走了很久,有鑽石翅膀的鳥飛來,他們看著牠。牠說 : 「我叫保羅。有一個人叫詹姆士, 他想奴役島上的動物。幫我們好嗎?你們是人,詹姆士會信任你們的。 他總是看守著牠們。」

    Suddenly, a small bird with a long tail and giant diamond wings appeared. The boys were fascinated. It cried, "Please help! My name is Paul and an evil man named James wants to enslave all the animals on our magical island! Since you are humans, James will trust you.

    答應了保羅。他們來到了一頂帳篷前。一踏進小帳篷,小帳篷變成了大帳篷。裡面他們看見了從來沒有看過的動物: 有一隻臉上只有一張嘴巴的猴子;只有一隻眼的貓和會飛的蛇。

    They agreed and Paul led them through the forest to a tiny tent which magically expanded as they stepped in. Inside were many other strange looking creatures such as a monkey who only had a mouth on his face, a single-eyed cat, a flying serpent, etc.
    保羅和牠們說: 「這兩個勇敢的男孩子要幫我們,我們要想怎麼救我們的朋友。」保羅繼續說:「 首先,納特和尚恩會假裝他們是詹姆士的馴獸師,他們要先找到詹姆士。」

    Paul spoke first, "Hello everybody, I finally found brave teens who are willing to save us and our friends that were captured. Let's make a plan to rescue our friends!” Paul continued, "Firstly, Nate and Sean will pretend to be on James's side in order to figure out his plan."

    Paul then gave the two buddies a crystal ball in case things went wrong. "If you are in trouble, just throw this tiny crystal hard to the ground. Once it breaks, it will send the rescue signal back to our base here," explained Paul.

    The two friends went to James's lab and rang the doorbell. A muscular man opened the door. "Who are you two?" he asked.
    "We are here to help you to conquer the animals,” answered Nate.
    James showed them around his lab. The teens earned James's trust in no time.


    As the operation proceeded, Sean accidentally revealed his identity. James realised that they were spies and pinned them down. Suddenly, James saw a gold nugget. Due to his greed, he reached out and grabbed it. It gave Nate and Sean a chance to escape.


    As they were about to run away, a cage dropped from above, trapping them.
    "An addition to my fine collection of prisoners," James cackled.
    "I think it is time to call for help!" said Nate as he grasped the crystal hidden inside his pocket and smashed it on the ground.

    Nate's face was drenched with sweat. It had been about an hour since the crystal ball scattered into tiny pieces, but nothing happened yet. All of a sudden, Paul appeared, "Don't worry, we will get you out of here. My squad has already put James behind bars.

    Please use this magic wand to drive him off the island, Nate. As you found the book, only you can use it."
    Nate was given a stick with an eagle head on top. He tapped the cage and it disappeared. They were free and Paul teleported away.

    Once arrived at the prison, Nate pointed his wand at James and shouted, "Disappear!"
    Before James vanished, he yelled, "You haven't heard the last of me!"
    After tearful goodbyes, Nate and Sean used their magic wand to teleport back home. The magic wand reassured them that the magical island existed.

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