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    Rocky's Rocket

    作者 Author
    孫佳安 Anya Sun (11)
    Chinese International school

    作者 Author
    吳孟菲 Ashley Wu (11)
    Chinese International school

    插畫者 Illustrator
    楊子儀 Zoe Yang (11)
    Chinese International school

    字數 Word Count: 808(中) 538(Eng)

    Meet Rocky the squirrel. He loves rockets. He dreams of making a rocket that can reach Mars and bringing a group of animals to start a city there! t like my servant!

    But the problem was that bullies laughed at Rocky when they heard about his dreams of building a rocket. They snickered and taunted him, “HAHA! Rocky, you can’t do it! YOU CAN NEVER DO IT!” But in reality, they were actually jealous of him, his dream, and his passion.

    Year after year, Rocky studied very hard at school desperate to make the rocket of his dreams. Finally, he graduated from high school! He decided to skip university and start building his rocket!

    Rocky worked hard making the rocket. At some points, he felt like he couldn’t make it, but his parents encouraged him to keep going, Even so, he still doubted that his rocket could make it.

    Finally, the rocket was finished. Rocky asked another young squirrel to help test out on his newly finished rocket. They would fly a circle around the world. Rocky was nervous because he didn’t think that the test would work.

    Rocky watched his rocket as it took off into the air. He returned home, feeling worried. He decided to watch a bit of TV, which was what he always did when he got stressed. He made himself a cup of tea and settled on the couch.

    Suddenly, the phone rang. Rocky picked up the receiver. “Hello, is this Rocky? I have bad news for you,” a lady squirrel’s voice boomed into the receiver. “We…we...we...your rocket disappeared. I’m sorry.” Rocky gasped and slumped onto the sofa, disappointed and despaired.


    Through tears, Rocky looked out of the window. The stars shone brightly that night… wait, they were forming into a sentence! Rocky looked closer and read, “You can if you believe…”

    He picked up the phone. “Hello? Mom? Dad? I’m trying again... to build a new rocket!”
    小石 不想再失敗,所以他花了更多時間思考上次失敗的原因,並去改造新火箭的細節。有些時候,他差一點想放棄,但他像爸媽一樣,一直鼓勵自己。

    Rocky worked hard on his new spaceship. At times, he wanted to give up, but he did not. He worked harder than he had ever done before and his parents continued to support and encourage him. Rocky believed that if he put his heart into it, he could accomplish anything.

    Finally, Rocky finished building the rocket. He climbed into the rocket, waving to the crowd. His parents waved to him, trying to hide their sadness, for their son was leaving them. Rocky took one last look around, then the rocket took off.
    幾年後在十月的一個晚上晚上,小石的父母坐在沙發上,看電視。突然,門鈴響了。小石的爸爸站了起來,走向大門。他發現門前有一個小包裹,上面寫著 “火星速遞”四個字。

    A few years later on an October evening, Rocky’s parents sat on a couch watching TV when the doorbell sounded. Rocky’s dad strolled to the door. A cardboard package lay on the floor that read:
    Mars Express


    Rocky’s dad ripped open the package. There was a red envelope inside. He tore open the envelope and there laid letter. There were tears of relief rolling down his cheek as he read the letter:

    I have reached the star.


    When you‘re facing problems, don’t forget: Try not to give up and follow your dreams. Don’t be sad if your experiment doesn’t work, and soon, you will reach the star, just like Rocky did. And always remember, you can if you believe.

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